Statement of MUMUOLV

MUMUOLV is a virtual museum dedicated to all women who have made an important action for humanity and such efforts has not been given sufficient recognition or gathered well in any space.

The virtual nature of the museum is due to the idea of ​​stimulating the exchange of information between people around the world who have something to say or contribute on this topic. The platform we have used helps us that everyone can access from any region of the planet, encouraging dialogue and communication from any region.

We invite you to take a tour through the Museum and meet these people who have gave something of themselves to the whole humanity. We also invite you to add information from other women you consider have an important role in History, either in the past or in the present.

It has been organized by a group of people interested in claiming, recognize and rescue the work of many women who now are in anonymity and must be brought to light by putting this information in the hands of everyone.


The team of MUMUOLV (Museum of Forgotten Women)